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Welcome From The Directors

Welcome to the WCSPP website! We invite you to explore our exciting and varied  post-graduate training programs, as well as the relevant and broad range of academic events we offer students past and present. Now, increasingly, we are offering our training and programing to a wider community of mental health practitioners working in clinic, agency and educational settings. Our institute, founded and chartered by the New York State Board of Regents in 1974 as a psychotherapy and psychoanalytic educational center, trains New York and Connecticut social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health counselors and others who seek to deepen their understanding of the workings of the human mind, of development and behavior. In addition to our training in adult psychoanalysis, we offer specialty programs in child and adolescent and parent psychotherapy, as well as couples therapy training and a year-long program in supervisory training. We are a warm and inviting community of open-minded clinicians. Many of us, who pursued further post-graduate education at WCSPP, form deep friendships as we become colleagues and eventually circle back to teach, supervise or volunteer at a place that has become more than simply our scholarly home. Consider sampling our academic events—conferences, Scientific Meetings, Psychoanalysis in Action presentations and film discussions–or diving deeper into our short- or longer-term trainings and discover how widely applicable and relevant psychoanalytic thinking is to current culture and mental health practice.

Janet Shimer, LCSW and

Sylvia Steinert, LCSW

Executive Directors

History and Mission

The Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (WCSPP) was the brainchild of a small group of psychoanalysts who valued pluralistic psychoanalytic training and the cultivation of a close and engaged learning community. We are deeply committed to rigorous academic training and open discussion of multiple psychoanalytic perspectives. The vision of our founders continues to inspire WCSPP today as we evolve and adapt to an ever-changing mental health landscape. The Institute has developed new programs, moved nimbly to modify existing ones to meet student needs and has expanded its Psychotherapy Service to best serve individuals seeking psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. WCSPP prides itself on providing low-cost accessible psychotherapeutic treatment to the community. Our Psychotherapy Center gives our candidates the opportunity to develop their treatment skills under the supervision and in consultation with our experienced faculty.

We believe that education in psychoanalytic techniques grounded in a wide range of theories provides the best foundational training for candidates. Our training encompasses the study of contemporary Freudian theory, interpersonal theory, relational theory, attachment theory and self-psychology.

We seek talented faculty and students who will constitute a vibrant community that draws on the strength that comes with a substantive institutional commitment to diversity along dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, veteran status, interests, perspectives and socioeconomic status. Grounded in equal opportunity and nondiscrimination, WCSPP’s robust commitment to diversity is fundamental to the Institute’s mission of advancing knowledge, educating future leaders in the field and providing public service.

Psychoanalytic Association

The Psychoanalytic Association (PA) is a professional, collegial association open to all graduates and current students of WCSPP for a yearly membership fee. Licensed professionals who have not trained at WCSPP can apply to become Affiliate Members.

The many benefits of membership include opportunities to network with clinicians from many disciplines throughout the tri-state area and listing in a directory of all members, including their specialties, access to PEP-WEB, an online comprehensive library of psychoanalytic journals and books, invitations to attend Scientific Meetings and Fireside Chats as well as the association’s annual retreat. Most importantly, attendance at PA functions can help develop and foster a professional home.

Program Directors:

Advanced Psychoanalytic Program and Foundations of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program

Directors: Judith Berenson, LCSW and John Turtz, PhD

Associate Director: Cynthia Heller, PhD

Graduate Advisors: Rachel Alfandre, LCSW Patricia Gordon, LCSW

Child/Adolescent/Parent Program

Directors: Jane Bloomgarden, PhD and Irene Studwell, LCSW

Graduate Advisors: Mia de Bethune, LCAT and Jim Kramer, LCSW

Couples Program

Directors: Carolyn Cullen PhD, LCSW and Bari Smelson-Kanwal, PhD

Graduate Advisors: Diane Malkin, LCSW and Chris Nardozzi, LCSW

Supervisory Program

Director: Linda Fleischman, LCSW

Graduate Advisor: Coren Schwartz, LCSW

Board of Trustees:

Judith Adamo PhD

Elliot M. Adler PhD

Helen O. Adler LCSW

Diane Girdwoyn Caspe LCSW

Stewart M. Crane LCSW

Bilha Goldberg LCSW

George Goldstein PhD

Christopher Nardozzi JD, LCSW

Janet Shimer LCSW, MBA

Steven Spitz PhD

Sylvia Steinert LCSW

Arnold Zinman PhD

Janet Rivkin Zuckerman PhD, JD