WCSPP is offering a unique opportunity to consult with its Supervisory Faculty. This opportunity is being made available to clinicians at all levels of experience and career development at a reduced cost.

This clinical consultation service affords each therapist a forum to expand his/her clinical skills and develop a personal treatment style within a psychodynamic orientation. The consultation is intended to help each therapist engage a wider range of patients, address therapeutic impasses, and deepen his/her clinical work. It is tailored to the goals and needs of each therapist and includes up to forty sessions.

Director of Consultation Service: Linda Futterman, PhD



“My conviction that psychoanalysis is ultimately about the ‘love of freedom and the freedom to love’ makes the comedic a natural and most useful companion in traveling the often depressive and sometimes dull roads paved by the more tragic elements of the patient’s difficulties in living.” – Bob Katz, PhD