Diane B. Malkin, LCSW

Being a Therapist in the Time of the Coronavirus

People keep asking me what it is like working as a therapist right now. As I do video sessions from my basement, I see glimpses into the homes of my patients. I hear a dog bark. A 20 something’s mom peeks into her childhood room where she is living now to escape her apartment in New York City. We say hello! We’ve never spoken before this. Couples sit in their living room, crouched over a

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WCSPP Is Online!

Throughout the challenges that the pandemic brought, Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy has successfully continued our commitment to provide scholarly training, supervision, clinical consultation and a psychotherapy service online. Our current training classes are fully operational, as we have the ability to hold classes and educational programs remotely. In addition to the intellectual readings and the exploration of clinical cases, this format has only deepened our community connections. We are still

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