Join a Committee

Get involved! Contact a committee chair to learn more and get involved in a little or big way. Participating on committees is the best way to form friendships and referral relationships… and have fun!

Scientific Meetings: Kenneth Barish, Ph.D.

Film Nights: Jane Bloomgarden, Melissa Capozzi

Annual Retreat Committee: Edward Ballen, LCSW

Online Study Group: Chaim Bromberg, PhD

Continuing Education / CE process: Carlotta Berg Hanson

Community Forums: Linda Fleischman, LCSW

Diversity Book Club: Janet Zuckerman, PhD

Annual Conference Committee: Ann Rose Simon, LCSW

Marketing Committee: Janet Shimer, LCSW

Diversity Initiative:  Irene Studwell, LCSW & Julie Willstatter, LCSW or

Leadership Development Committee: Linda Golden, LCSW and Sharon Picard, LCSW or

Events Committee: Bilha Goldberg, LCSW and Constance Haslett, Ph.D. or