The Psychotherapy Service of WCSPP offers individuals an opportunity to receive psychoanalysis and psychotherapy at an affordable cost from mental health professionals who are enrolled in our postgraduate advanced training programs. Their work with patients is supervised by seasoned psychoanalysts. This service is available to children, adolescents, adults, and couples throughout Westchester, Rockland and Fairfield counties as well as the Bronx. Patients are seen in private offices for as long as treatment is needed.

Psychotherapy Service Director: Debra Lilienfeld, LCSW
Psychotherapy Service Associate Director: Andrea Smith, Psy.D.

Advantages of WCSPP Services

Our fees are based on a “sliding scale” to help those with financial limitations; $30.00 minimum per session. Daytime, afternoon and evening hours are available. We make every effort to match you with a therapist close to your home or workplace.

No Insurance Interference
The WCSPP Psychotherapy Service offers high-quality, intensive treatment on a sliding scale fee. Our therapists are committed to working with their patients for the duration of treatment. There are no externally imposed time limits. Because we do not work with insurance companies, the length and frequency of therapy is determined by you and your therapist according to what is needed. Your treatment will remain private and confidential, without the oversight and restrictions that insurance companies often impose.

Dedicated Masters or PhD or PsyD level Psychotherapists
WCSPP therapists are Masters, PhD, PsyD, or MD level practitioners: i.e., psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, etc. who have enrolled in WCSPP’s training programs to advance their professional knowledge and skills. The postgraduate education at WCSPP includes studies in contemporary theories and techniques of in-depth, intensive psychodynamic psychotherapy. The Couples Psychotherapy Program comprises advanced study in current theories and practices of psychodynamically-oriented couples therapy.

Experienced Faculty Supervision
WCSPP therapists receive weekly supervision from senior WCSPP faculty members or clinicians supervised by senior faculty members. Our faculty and supervisors are psychoanalysts with extensive teaching, supervisory and clinical experience. They instruct and guide our practitioners within a contemporary psychodynamic framework towards a broad, deep, and compassionate understanding of complex emotional relationships and experience. Supervisors of couples therapy are highly trained, psychodynamically-oriented clinicians with considerable teaching and supervisory experience in couples treatment.


Reasons to Seek Psychotherapy

You may seek psychotherapy or psychoanalysis for an extensive range of reasons. These include, for example:

• Relationship matters
• Challenges with work or family
• Self esteem struggles
• Self exploration
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Life Transitions
• Role and identity shifts
• Grief and loss
• and more

• Relationship Issues
• Conflict resolution
• Nontraditional families
• LGBTQ relationships
• Multiracial issues
• Interfaith relationships
• Parenting issues
• and more

Children and Adolescents:
• Behavioral challenges
• School difficulties
• Separation & attachment anxieties
• Depression / Anxiety
• Self esteem struggles
• Peer-oriented concerns
• Divorce
• Family difficulties
• Sleep disturbances
• Self regulation difficulties
• and more

To seek individual psychotherapy, psychoanalysis or couples therapy from WCSPP, please click one of the links below to access our applications. Please print out and mail or fax your application to:

468 Rosedale Avenue
White Plains, New York 10605
Fax (914) 997-7501

Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you to discuss your needs briefly over the phone. Please be aware that it takes approximately one week to process your application. We will consider your application thoughtfully to determine whether we can place you with a candidate in one of our training programs. In the event that this is not possible, we will provide you with another referral. We are not equipped to offer services to those in immediate crisis. If you need crisis intervention, we recommend that you contact your local emergency center.
If you have any questions, or need an application mailed to you, please contact WCSPP’s administrator:

Jennifer Sestok, MSPT:  (914) 997-7500


Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy Application

Adult Psychotherapy or Psychoanalysis Application

Couple Therapy Application