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Clinicians who train at WCSPP discover a vibrant and rich experience. Since 1974, students have emerged from WCSPP programs with an expanded understanding of their patients, their clinical work, and themselves. WCSPP programs are grounded in psychoanalytic thinking with a compassionate, contemporary viewpoint.

The training combines rigorous coursework, training cases, and expert supervision. A hallmark of WCSPP training is its open and supportive learning environment, along with the vital professional community one has the opportunity to join upon completion of training.

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“My specialty is not one kind of patient, age group, cluster of presenting symptoms, etc., but the way I do psychotherapy…”   – Steve Eliot, PhD

We seek talented faculty and students who will constitute a vibrant community that draws on the strength that comes with a substantive institutional commitment to diversity along dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, veteran status, interests, perspectives, and socioeconomic status. Grounded in equal opportunity and nondiscrimination, WCSPP’s robust commitment to diversity is fundamental to the Institute’s mission of advancing knowledge, educating future leaders in the field, and providing public service.