Networking & Educational Events

Committees and Educational Activities – WCSPP members can form friendships and referral relationships… and have fun! 

Scientific Meetings

Kenneth Barish, Ph.D.

The Psychoanalytic Association of WCSPP sponsors a series of Friday evening speakers on a wide range of topics relevant to the practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Consistent with the pluralistic mission and ethos of our institute, our scientific meetings present diverse opinions and theoretical perspectives. Recent meetings, for example, have addressed working with grief in psychotherapy, multiple listening perspectives in psychodynamic therapy, better understanding of children with autism, a new understanding of perception of aggression in women, and ethical issues in psychoanalytic practice. CE credits are available for those who attend as well as drinks and snacks.

Film Nights

Jane Bloomgarden

Film Night at WCSPP occurs twice a year, typically in the fall and in the spring. It’s a time for us, as a community, to share clinical perspectives on remarkable movies that we view, often coming from other cultures and sometimes from our own. The films we watch share a common thread: they all speak to the depths of who we are as people and the ways, influenced by culture, that we live, mourn, love, suffer, and manage challenge. CE credits are available for those who attend as are drinks and snacks.

Diversity Committee

Rob Muller, PhD and Irene Studwell, LCSW

The Diversity Committee aims to promote greater awareness of issues of diversity within the WCSPP community through helping to organize presentations and provide information to the WCSPP community which will enhance our understanding of and encourage curiosity about individuals who are different than us, our own reactions to these differences and to recognize how this affects our personal and clinical interactions. We are committed to advocating for a focus on issues of diversity in the recruitment, education and training of candidates. Several times a year, members come together to meet to discuss a book referencing issues of diversity.


Online Study Group

Chaim Bromberg, PhD

Several times a year the WCSPP community all read a paper written by a community member and have a lively ONLINE discussion over the course of a week moderated by a few members of our faculty.

Continuing Education / CE Process

Sylvia Steinert, LCSW and Carlotta Berg Hanson, LCSW

Attendees of many of our events can earn CE credits.

Community Forums

Linda Fleischman, LCSW

Members of the community who are formulating ideas to publish present their work to the community for feedback and discussion.

Annual Conference Committee

Kate Washton, LCSW

Every Fall, WCSPP holds an annual conference open to the public at the Renaissance Hotel and Conference Center in Westchester with speakers, both internal and external to our community, addressing a theme.

Annual Retreat Committee

Judith Adamo, Ph.D.

The annual Retreat represents a weekend of learning and socializing held exclusively for members of WCSPP. It is borne from a volunteer committee that creates the topic, gathers speakers, and organizes the entire weekend. The committee meets monthly and is open to whomever would like to join and to participate in ways that are helpful. These meetings are typically full of creativity and levity that culminate in a wonderful weekend of learning and fun.

Leadership Development Committee

Linda Golden, LCSW and Sharon Picard, LCSW

The mission of the LD Committee is to provide support to interested members of the WCSPP community as they pursue opportunities for teaching, writing and further training. There are three components to the Committee: The Mentorship effort matches recent graduates with faculty members for the purpose of individual consultation in writing or teaching. In Master Classes senior or visiting faculty present intensive courses that focus on topics of psychoanalytic significance. And, at the Community Forums, papers on a spectrum of timely subjects are presented by faculty members or by recent graduates.

Events Committee

Bilha Goldberg, LCSW

The events committee plans events such as our annual graduation, September “welcome to candidates” party and other community celebrations.